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Kern Nedd


Kern is the founder of Nedd Media. His passion for video stems from filming and editing content for multimedia classes at his high school in Cape Cod, MA. Kern's passion lead on to university where he earned a bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Technologies at Bridgewater State University.


The journey began 8 months after graduation when Kern decided to open up an office space and acquired his business license. After many years of dedication, Kern grew his talent and developed an awareness of client expectations in the wedding videography industry. As an experienced wedding videographer, Kern works with his clients 1 on 1 to establish trust and genuine service. Providing consultations, client acquisition, and pre-production planning, Kern produces the most memorable wedding film for his clients.

Kern is a very friendly and genuine person that is immensely diligent toward clients. He does not outsource the filming of your wedding and you work directly with Kern on your wedding day. His meticulous and artistic style makes him one of the most talented wedding videographers. He has a keen eye for elegance and has won many awards for his services. As of 2024, Kern has been awarded Top 19 Wedding Videographers, among the 141 established Wedding Videography companies in Boston under the Expertise selections.





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