Kern Nedd(Founder)
 -Lead Videographer//Editor//VFX Artist-
                 Zach Levenson
            -Second Shooter//Drone Operator-
Kern is the founder of Nedd Media. After graduating from Bridgewater State University with a bachelors degree in Media and Communication Technologies, Kern established his business as a full-time videographer. His strong work ethic and meticulous style makes him one of the most talented videographers. As of 2018 Kern has been awarded Top 19 Wedding Videographers in Boston
Zach is a Fitchburg State University graduate with a bachelors degree in Film and Video. He has a keen eye for creative shots and elegance . Zach is a passionate videographer and has been a reliable asset to Nedd Media.He is also a licensed drone operator and currently works as a freelance videographer running his production company Gone Fishin Productions.
          Henry Cooper
     -Video Editor//Sound Mixer-
Henry is a video editor who strives to create seamless cuts and attention grabbing montages.He looks forward to continually honing his skills by keeping up with industry trends and through on the job experience.Henry studied Video Production and Editing at Northeastern University.While working as a freelance editor at Nedd Media.Henry is currently a part-time video editor at JoVE:Sceintic Research.and Education.
                  Kyle Nedd
         -Administrator//Client Relations-
Kyle is a Utica College graduate with a bachelors degree in Accounting. He manages the shooting and editing schedules, while ensuring that Nedd Media is delivering its services to its optimal quality. Kyle also handles the client relations and resolves any concerns that may arise to ensure clients are satisfied with our services. Currently Kyle is working to earn his Masters degree in Accounting at the University of Scranton.